Some photo's from the old days


The Raft Race on the Nene, Mark Porter, Mike Farrell, Jan Sefranski and Ali Dale

The Original 'Blacks Bunch'

The Cambridge Sponsored Bike Ride

Colin Giddens

A very young Paul and Angela receive the annual cricket trophy ODP's v Anaesthetists

A young Gareth

A young Frank

George Holt

The 'Goldfish Bowl' at PDH

Graham Betts and Mike Smith

I think I could probably name 8

Ann Kaleda is going to kill me for this one!

Howard Smith

Jean Wiltshire, Colin Giddens and myself

Sandy and me

Keith Birrell, George Holt and Shanta

 Keith Birrell, George Holt and Shanta

Me with the old MIE anaesthetic machine 1979 just look at all that monitoring

With Steve Coward and a East Healthcare Challenger I think

 Sue Hollowell

Carmen and Sandy

Me ready to leave for the Cambridge and back bike ride

The Theatre Team 8 crew I think this was the third year running we won

Raft Race

 Who can name everyone?

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